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Human Rights Day 10-12- 2021

Theme : Equality

Human Rights 10 12 2021 2 min   Human Rights 10 12 2021 1 min


On 10th December 2021 Human Rights Day was organized by NSS units I & II. The Chief Guest of the program was Dr. Suvarna Nagaraj Arundi, Former Ballari Jilla panchayat Member .Madam gave special lecture on Importance of Human right as below.

On 4th December 1950, the General Assembly of the United Nations welcomed its state representatives and other organizations to the Human Rights Day Agreement. The declaration of 10 December as Human Rights Day was mutually decided upon by the overwhelming support of its 48 state representatives and other organizations. It promotes the equality of human rights for every person, regardless of caste, religion, gender, culture, religion, etc.

The National Human Rights Commission was founded in India in 1993 to protect the basic rights of people, children, women, the rights of senior citizens and the rights of the LGBT community. The Indian Human Rights Law was established on 28 September 1993, and numerous changes to this law have been enforced by the government since then.

Human Rights Day emphasizes the significance of citizens' social equality, democracy, social justice and social importance. It also tries to crack the different social taboos that remain in the world. The Principal Dr. H. Mallikarjuna, preside over the function, In his speech he expressed that Human Rights day fundamentally plays a role in the promotion, celebration and inspiration of a human being's rights. It makes individuals and our new and next-generation conscious of the rights that a human being has.

NSS Officers, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of the college and the students were present.


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