We have 28 class rooms for Arts, Science and Commerce students 6 of the class rooms is well equiped with Projector with Screen facility and 5 class rooms are facilitated with smart boards and ICT. 


Class Rooms: Projector with Screen and Smart Boards

Chem Lab    Phy Lab 
Room Number 3    Room_Number_2.jpg 
 Room Number 7



20220124 102917AMByGPSMapCamera Botany ICT min   20220124 102535AMByGPSMapCamera Zoology ICT min
20220124 105747AMByGPSMapCamera Electronics ICT min   20220124 122802PMByGPSMapCamera LCD Hall min
20220127 12647PMByGPSMapCamera English Lab ICT min   20220107 101319AMByGPSMapCamera Seminar Hall min



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