Young Achievers




Name   Area of Acievement Prize Achieved Year  Certificates 
A Group of  Twenty Two Students. NCC Parade- 75th Independance Day First 2021-22 View
P.Bramarambika Paper Presentation  First  2021-22 View 
K.V.Anusha Poster Making Competition  First  2021-22 View 
K.V.Anusha Collage Making Competition  Second  2021-22 View 
P.Bramarambika Folk song (solo) Competition  Second  2021-22 View 
A.M.Shravya Bharatanatyam  Second  2021-22 View 
A Group of Eight Students Octogan 2022 "A Carnival for Youth"  Runner up  2021-22 View 
 Kavya.S  Academic (B.Sc.) V Rank  2020-21  View
 Pooja.B  Academic (B.Sc.)  VI Rank   2020-21 View
 M.B.Sangeetha  NSS, National South Zone Camp NationalRepublic Day Parade Camp   2020-21 View
Ummera.N Speech Competition  Third 2019-20 View 
Bharath.T Quiz Competition  First 2019-20 View 
Ummera.N Pick and Speak  First 2019-20 View 
Bharath.T Speech Competition  First 2019-20 View 
Shambulinga.H Debate Competition  First  2018-19 View 
Chetana.H Debate Competition  Second  2018-19 View 
Ummera.N Science Lecture Contest  Third  2018-19 View 
Ummera.N Science Model Exhibition  Third  2018-19 View 
Sumithra.M.V Gandhi Vichar Samskar Examination Second   2018-19 View 
Ranjitha.U.K Gandhi Vichar Samskar Examination  Third  2018-19 View 
Ummera.N Pick and Speak Competition First 2018-19 View
Group of 6 Students Quiz Competition & Essay Writing Third & Second 2018-19 View
Pallavi.M.R Science Model Exhibition Second  2017-18 View
Bharath.T Debate Competition Second 2017-18 View
Bharath.T Pick and Speak Competition        Second     2017-18     View
D.Monika Science Lecture Contest Consolation 2017-18 View
Bharath.T Pick and Speak Competition Third 2017-18 View
Bharath.T Speech Competition Second 2017-18 View








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