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National Science Day 28-02-2022

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National Science Day was celebrated by Science Association under IQAC on 28-02-2022 in the college. Smt. H.Asha, Dept of Physics, spoke on National Science Day which is being celebrated to mark the invention of the Raman Effect. On this day students across the country present science-related projects and innovations at the state and national levels. The day is celebrated to encourage and inspire the youth to understand the aspects of science and Technology. Sri G.B.Naganagouda, H.O.D of English spoke on the  theme of National Science Day-2022 'Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future'. The statement said that this is the best time to give a push to this integrative approach as all the ministries and departments have come together to work for the survival of humanity at the time of the pandemic crisis. The programme was presided by Dr. S.M. Siddalinga Murthy, the principal of the college. He highlighted the idea that one must work with the integrated approach for sustaining livelihoods, sustaining human life, and for India to emerge as a leader in science. All the faculty members of different departments & students participated in the programme.

IMG 20220228 WA0042 National Science Day 3   IMG 20220228 WA0043 National Science Day 4



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